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SAT36: - Mizuage
Serious new Electro , diverse, melodic and as allways masterfull
production from the three lads of Sweden. These are Swedens best electro producers making a huge mark on the world wide electro scene. A colorfull, emotive Lp with three bonus tracks on the CD.
No expense spared as usual in production. 310k Graphics.
Release Date: 2006-10-31 00:43:29.0
A1 Schlag Prallt Auf Rmx [Play]
A2 In Technology We TRUST [Play]
B1 Starforce Exodus [Play]
B2 Don't Worry You Won't Dissolve [Play]
C1 Meta Data [Play]
C2 Undualation [Play]
D1 Works Original [Play]
D2 Tin Can [Play]
Review: Outburn-by Daniel Slaten
"A well deserved review for the boysz from Sweden ecspecially after their climb to the top 15 of College Radio RPM charts.

Evil Break- Dance Music: The Blotnik Brothers "Mizuage", is the kind of album you'd expect to hear blasting out of a Decepticon Dance club on the planet of Cybertron, assuming such a place even existed in the first place. This trio of Swedes ( who incidently,arent actually brothers at all) makes dark, hard hitting electro that sounds like it came from another planet, the kind of planet either inhabited b intelligent robots or aliiens who grew up listening to intercepted transmissions of Kraftwerk, Africa Bambaataa, and 90's EBM. Blending old school hip-hop, neo-electro,acid breaks , and modern EBM, the Blotnik Brothers has created a dark and dirty album that bumps and booms with menacing bass stabs, funky breaks, and evil robot vocals. Theres very little filler to be found on this 11 track outing, and electro Dj's can pretty much pick and choose what they want to play from this release, since about every cut is a surefire floor filler. Even EBM DJ's might come across a few gems as well, like the menacing "Dont Worry You Wont Dissolve", which sounds like it could have come off the latest Headscan release. Its no surprise that New Yorks Satamile Records picked up on this trio, since the label seems to have the market cornered on outstanding electro at the moment. "
Review: Electronic Music World-Feb 11,07, by Stefan Koo
""The variation, the need to nod your head, it all continues on. Blotnik Brothers, though maybe not as groundbreaking as the Chemical Brothers in their early days, definitely know how to get a solid record out to us. Mizuage is definitely recommended for lovers of refreshing electro, but might also appeal to some of the lovers of earlier electro. Despite the refreshing sound, Blotnik Brothers won"
"Dave Clarke speaks
7 Feb 2008 by Testindustries
"Satamile still blows up and I am lucky enough to have been sent rather a lot of good electro this year, so it's swings and roundabouts really. Now the hype of the name of the genre has subsided, the music comes out again." ...

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