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SAT33: - Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation- CD
Same amazing electro LP with 3 Bonus tracks on this cd version. Mastered @Frankford+Wayne ($) for uncompromising sound quality. Brilliant design and destined to be 2006's best electro LP.
Release Date: 2006-09-01 00:56:10.0
01 Bonus Tr. P.O.W.
02 Bonus Tr. Biological Entity
03 Bonus Tr. Alpha RF Meter
Review: Igloo Mag-Luca Maini
"08.03.06) There's a huge load of exquisite electro coming out these days. Solenoid on Orac, The Wee DJs on Touchin' Bass, the amazing little 3" CD by Lowfish in Hymen's Travel Sickness box-set and obviously this album by Umwelt on the much respected Satamile.
You instantly know that Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation is a sick record, because "Don't Trust Me" opens excitingly with razor sharp beats and a menacing bass that sounds like a swarm of locusts thru your brain: the first time I put the needle on, my whole flat was resonating apocalyptically. A lovely feature of this album is the varied mood of the tracks, "Kiss In The Dark" is much slower, but epic and spacious like a Vangelis soundtrack, and similarly "Esa" changes once again towards a ghetto-tech influenced booty shaker, where a growing bassline underlines the aptly placed sample 'crank this motherfucker up!', the perfect hybrid between DJ Assault and Silicon Scally. I
hould mention Carl A. Finlow with a reason, Umwelt is an ace producer at the same level; it is hard to believe the high levels of bass and crisp percussion on this release, especially in the tracks with a slower pace recalling Warp's Artificial Intelligence series, like "Secret Of A Black World Part 2 and 1" and "Mogul Project," playing the latter I nearly blew my subwoofer. Absolutely no fillers here, "Outlaw World" is more noisy, with loads of industrial distortions and a growling acid bassline, and finally "Elysium Planum" is another relaxing cinematic piece with distant wailings.

The CD version features three more classic tunes, a nice addition for the digital support consumers, since I only own Decal's Release Through Velocity released by Satamile on this format and Electro Music Specialists' album is quite hard to find. Really solid record, electro music at its finest, like you could expect less from such a top notch label. "
Review: OUTBURN-by Daniel Slaten
"DARK BROKEN BEAT ELECTRO: Judging byt the sounds on Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation, French producer Umwelt is well versed in the history of techno, electro and early hardcore. This hardware loving producer (who never uses computers or software in making his music) brings a unique voice to the world of electro breaks. Moving beyond the typical cliches of booming bass, block rockin beats, and robot vocals , Umwelt throws in the kind of dark riffs that originated during the heyday of Belgian techno. the foundation for the music is still the booming bass and thumping beats of electro but theres a heavy darkness present that adds a level of atmosphere to the tracks and inspires outright fear, "Kiss in the Dark," for example, sounds like a trance theme to an imaginary sci-fi horror film. "P.O.W." and "Biological Entity" are even more brutal, throwing out industrial strength riffs and blasts of terror bass like its the early 90's all over again. Umwelt isn't all about doom and gloom , though, and he offers up nods to Detroit with almost melancholy techno on "Secret of a Black World Part 1" and "Elysium Planum". Tracks like "ESA" and "Dont Trust Me" bring the album full circle with more main room beats, rounding out this impressive journey through the realms of broken beat electro. "