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 Bot Records

SAT43: - Angry Angels
A1. The Angriest Angel [Play]
A2. Deadly Sins [Play]
A3. Urgan Jungle [Play]
B1. The Machine [Play]
B2. Night Drive Detroit [Play]
B3. Resident Evil [Play]
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SAT42: - Lift Going Up
A1. Lift Going Up [Play]
A2. Volt Walt Ampere [Play]
A3. Public Announcement [Play]
B1. About Six Inches [Play]
B2. Go Down on Ya Knees [Play]
B3. 70-60-90 [Play]
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SAT41: - Burn the Lights Out- CD
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SAT41: - Burn the Lights Out
A1. 999 [Play]
A2. Wahawa [Play]
A3. Bitter [Play]
B1. Krak [Play]
B2. The Controlling Hand [Play]
B3. Burn the Lights Out [Play]
C1. Torsion [Play]
C2. Pristine White [Play]
C3. 8_oP [Play]
D1. Ripped [Play]
D2. The Freezing [Play]
D3. Machine Aesthetic [Play]
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SAT40: - Apocalyptica
A1. Scorched Earth [Play]
B1. Ascension [Play]
B2. Landscapes [Play]
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SAT39: - System Check
A1. Overdrive [Play]
A2. Real Pimp [Play]
B1. Internal Software [Play]
B2. Darkness Falling [Play]
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SAT38: - Bioroid CD-bonus trakx
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SAT38: - Bioroid
A1. Thrusters [Play]
A2. Population [Play]
B1. Nucleon [Play]
B2. Paradigm [Play]
C1. Encapsulate [Play]
C2. Interflection [Play]
D1. Moment [Play]
D2. Bioroid [Play]
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SAT37: - Shaded Mind
A1. The Gentle Art of Making.. [Play]
A2. Struggle [Play]
A3. Engraved Anger [Play]
B1. Frantic [Play]
B2. Semi Structured [Play]
B3. Fracture [Play]
C1. Sine Language [Play]
C2. Fear of the Future [Play]
D1. Shaded Mind [Play]
D2. Fantasy at Dawn [Play]
D3. Everything [Play]
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SAT37: - Shaded Mind- CD
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SAT36: - Mizuage
A1. Schlag Prallt Auf Rmx [Play]
A2. In Technology We TRUST [Play]
B1. Starforce Exodus [Play]
B2. Don't Worry You Won't Dissolve [Play]
C1. Meta Data [Play]
C2. Undualation [Play]
D1. Works Original [Play]
D2. Tin Can [Play]
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SAT36: - Mizuage- CD version
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SAT35: - At the Robodock - CD
01. Robots Ready for Mars [Play]
02. Worm Intruder [Play]
03. Rasor [Play]
04. At The Robodock [Play]
05. 100 Percent Pure Adrenaline [Play]
06. Erase Your Mind [Play]
07. A Travesty Without a Remedy [Play]
08. Spider Holes and Pitfals [Play]
09. Evacuation Order [Play]
10. Twilight Shadows [Play]
11. Feeding the Sharks [Play]
12. Joe Was Wrong [Play]
SAT35: - At the Robodock - Double 12"
A1. Rasor
A2. At the Robodock
B1. 100 Percent Pure Adrenalin
B2. Erase Your Mind
C1. A Travesty without a Remedy
C2. Spider Holes and Pitfals
D1. Feeding the Sharks
D2. Joe Was Wrong
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SAT34: - "Splund Popper"
A1. Synchotron [Play]
B1. Voices From the Void [Play]
B2. What on Earth [Play]
SAT33: - Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation- CD
01. Bonus Tr. P.O.W.
02. Bonus Tr. Biological Entity
03. Bonus Tr. Alpha RF Meter
SAT33: - Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation
A1. Don't Trust Me [Play]
A2. Kiss in the Dark [Play]
B1. ESA [Play]
B2. Secret of a Black World Part 2 [Play]
C1. Mogul Project [Play]
C2. Secret of a Black World Part 1 [Play]
D1. Outlaw World [Play]
D2. Elysium Planum [Play]
SAT32: - "Roadking is Back"
A1. Roadking is Back [Play]
A2. Devotion [Play]
B1. Only Electro Music [Play]
B2. Silence [Play]
SAT31: - Science Persuades Best
A1. Science Persuades Best [Play]
A2. Wahawa [Play]
B1. 8_0p [Play]
B2. Cancel/Continue [Play]
SAT30: - No One LIkes a Smartarse
A1. No One Likes a Smartarse [Play]
B1. Crash [Play]
B2. From Detroit [Play]
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SAT29: - Digital Mind
A1. Clone Factory [Play]
A2. Robot Skin [Play]
B1. A New Race [Play]
B2. Digital Mind [Play]
SAT28: - Post Humain ep
A1. P.O.W. [Play]
A2. Biological Entity [Play]
B1. Delinkant [Play]
B2. Zeta Reticuli Incident [Play]
SAT27: - Tales from the Blobe
A1. We Cannot be Destroyed [Play]
B1. Blob Knocker [Play]
B2. Kraftwerk Orange [Play]
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SAT26: - Layers (Light and Atmosphere)
A1. Realistic Tradition [Play]
A2. Poetry of Sound [Play]
B1. Nocturne [Play]
B2. Artspeak [Play]
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SAT25: - Dark Matter- CD
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SAT25: - Dark Matter
A1. Toneworks [Play]
A2. Pace [Play]
B1. Parallel [Play]
B2. Indefinite Space [Play]
C1. Clone Alone [Play]
C2. Ghost Wires [Play]
D1. All Torque [Play]
D2. Dark Matter [Play]
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SAT24: - R.A.T.
A1. Worm Intruder [Play]
A2. Land of the Dark [Play]
B1. Road to the Madness [Play]
B2. Tele-Remote [Play]
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SAT23: - Museful Revolution
A1. Le Monde [Play]
A2. Electro Manifesto [Play]
B1. Attention Attention [Play]
B2. Robot Kingdom [Play]
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SAT22: - Promise of Technology
A1. Promise of Technology [Play]
B1. Freezie Gonna Funk Ya [Play]
B2. Nanobotix [Play]
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SAT21: - Second Wave
A1. Second Wave [Play]
B1. Sub.Sonic Base [Play]
B2. End of the Pain [Play]
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SAT20: - Skip Code
A1. Skip Code [Play]
A2. Blue Screen [Play]
B1. Gone To Ground [Play]
B2. Monologic [Play]
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SAT19: - Release Through Velocity-CD
02. 64 Guns
03. Recall Edit
04. In Defense of Loyalty
05. Final Statement
06. Of the Present
07. The Tide Will Turn
08. Still in Denial
09. A Happy Home
10. Surge
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SAT19: - Release Through Velocity
01. Surge [Play]
02. In Defense Of Loyalty [Play]
03. 64 Guns [Play]
04. Recall Edit [Play]
05. Final Statement [Play]
06. Of The Present [Play]
07. The Tide Will Turn [Play]
08. A Happy Home [Play]
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SAT18: - Pragmatic Response
A1. Uranium Angels [Play]
A2. Ergo [Play]
B1. Masheen [Play]
B2. Elapse Current Loop [Play]
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SAT17: - Synchronaut LP
A1. Crack In The Sun [Play]
B1. Illusion Mode [Play]
B2. Get Ghetto [Play]
C1. Gi-ne-tik [Play]
D1. Spyware [Play]
D2. Ellipticophasic [Play]
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SAT17: - Synchronaut - CD
01. Gemeni
02. Close Encounters
03. Get ghetto
04. Colonized
05. Plt.lounge.eur
06. Spyware
07. Rhythmus Machine
08. gi-net-tik
09. ellipticophasiac,10.Crack in the Sun,11.Ilusion Mo
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SAT16: - Death of a Star
A1. Death of a Star [Play]
A2. Soul Frus [Play]
B1. Wisla [Play]
B2. Dawn Over the City [Play]
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SAT15: - Roadking
A1. Born to Ride [Play]
A2. Nano Technology [Play]
B1. Chrome [Play]
B2. Electric [Play]
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A1. Evacuation Order [Play]
B1. Robots Ready for Mars [Play]
B3. Attack of the Clones [Play]
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SAT13: - Burn From the Inside
A1. Burn from the Inside [Play]
B1. Colossus [Play]
B2. Electric City [Play]
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SAT12: - Colonized
A1. Colonized [Play]
B1. Rythmus Machine [Play]
B2. Loungeuropa [Play]
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SAT11: - Autobot
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SAT10: - Data Sink
A1. Flow [Play]
B1. Slow Decay [Play]
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SAT9: - Reclaim the Future
A1. Fermata [Play]
B1. Ectoshpere [Play]
B2. Android Robotix [Play]
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SAT8: - Forget the 80's
A1. Riptide [Play]
B1. Stay Dazed [Play]
B2. Prepare to Merge [Play]
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SAT7: - Try Saving A Dream.....
A1. Reentry 2 [Play]
B1. Reentry 3 [Play]
B2. Reentry 4 [Play]
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SAT6: - The Silent Years
A1. Coast to Coast [Play]
B1. Informatics [Play]
B2. The Silent Years [Play]
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SAT4: - Transatlantic Treasure
A1. Transatlantic Treasure [Play]
B1. The Ultimate Remix [Play]
B2. Universal Language [Play]
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SAT3: - Robotronic Rhythm
A1. By Your Command [Play]
A2. Gemini (Remix) [Play]
B1. ZTrain [Play]
B2. Close Encounters [Play]
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SAT2: - Exoplanet.Voice.Transistors
A1. ems (acid switch mix) [Play]
A2. Inc. The Funk [Play]
B1. VRML [Play]
B2. I Take My Time [Play]
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SAT1: - Just Say Yes
A1. micro [Play]
B2. mince [Play]
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Review: - Mizuage
"Dave Clarke speaks 7 Feb 2008 by Testindustries "Satamile still blows up and I am lucky enough to have been sent rather a lot of good electro this year, so it's swings and roundabouts really. Now the hype of the name of the genre has subsided, the music comes out again." ... Test - Enough said!! "
Review: - Burn the Lights Out
""New album from Lowfish that mixes moody electro with lots of electronica production and a good sense of melody. The album is really varied, from light melodic to almost electroclash style stuff though heavy Drexciya influenced stuff, to minimal electro. Throughout its of a high standard.""
Review: - Bioroid
XLR8R MAG. Doug Morton
"Carl Finlow is apparently completely incapable of releasing a shitty album, although he's shed a bit of his brooding, corrosive Scallyness this time around in favor of kicking the crap out of the dancefloor. Finlow's tracks, like "Population III" and "Encapsulate," are too robofunktastic to be denied-full of good, solid mechanical breaks. While the spacey-ness of the album doesn't drift as far into the subconscious as Dark Matter or Mr. Machine, cuts like "Moment" and "Interflection" carve a psychoactive electro niche that is uniquely Finlow's. "
Review: - Tales from the Blobe
Disc Jockey- Italy
"Space only to directed an ingenious creativity that is very successful door towards one mix between details of one expressive style and vibrating atmosphere playfullness, wise dosed between liquid timbers rich of the Drexciya sound and the turbulent nervousness of one nostalgic industrial."
Review: - Bioroid
iDJ Mag. UK-
"Silcon Scally "
Wicked Style - Italian review-Aurelio Cianciotta
"This record is SICK! From the new york's Satamile Records, label specialized in sonorious electro, arrives two optimum remix's that turns you to breaks, work respective of Dj Quest and 30 Hz. "
Review: - Bioroid
Electronic Music World-Feb 11,07, by Stefan Koo
""Bioroid" Review Silicon Scally - Bioroid Mar 20, 11:50 by Stefan Koopmanschap Where the previous releases I"
Review: - Mizuage
Electronic Music World-Feb 11,07, by Stefan Koo
""The variation, the need to nod your head, it all continues on. Blotnik Brothers, though maybe not as groundbreaking as the Chemical Brothers in their early days, definitely know how to get a solid record out to us. Mizuage is definitely recommended for lovers of refreshing electro, but might also appeal to some of the lovers of earlier electro. Despite the refreshing sound, Blotnik Brothers won"
Review: - Mizuage
Outburn-by Daniel Slaten
"A well deserved review for the boysz from Sweden ecspecially after their climb to the top 15 of College Radio RPM charts. Evil Break- Dance Music: The Blotnik Brothers "Mizuage", is the kind of album you'd expect to hear blasting out of a Decepticon Dance club on the planet of Cybertron, assuming such a place even existed in the first place. This trio of Swedes ( who incidently,arent actually brothers at all) makes dark, hard hitting electro that sounds like it came from another planet, the kind of planet either inhabited b intelligent robots or aliiens who grew up listening to intercepted transmissions of Kraftwerk, Africa Bambaataa, and 90's EBM. Blending old school hip-hop, neo-electro,acid breaks , and modern EBM, the Blotnik Brothers has created a dark and dirty album that bumps and booms with menacing bass stabs, funky breaks, and evil robot vocals. Theres very little filler to be found on this 11 track outing, and electro Dj's can pretty much pick and choose what they want to play from this release, since about every cut is a surefire floor filler. Even EBM DJ's might come across a few gems as well, like the menacing "Dont Worry You Wont Dissolve", which sounds like it could have come off the latest Headscan release. Its no surprise that New Yorks Satamile Records picked up on this trio, since the label seems to have the market cornered on outstanding electro at the moment. "
Review: - At the Robodock - Double 12"
"Great review of Bytecon by the legendary techno inovator/producer Lenny Dee. Straight outta Brooklyn baby!!! Bytecon "At the Robodock" This hybrid eight track double pack from San Francisco is a seriously produced piece of tunage for the electro headbanger in all of us. The drums remind me of the old miami bass beats from back in the day. Unlike the old days , this modern productions is very well produced. the sound textures, dark bass and the chunky breaks along with cool vocal bits make this ep a really usable tool for sparking up the dance floor while keeping it real . The wicked mixing technics used in this project push the sound scapes to the limit unlike the more digital hybrid styles that are currently out now. "Rasor", which is my favorite track, sums it all up with its punk attitude fierce vocal performance and a guitar line that seamlessly takes the listener to another level while keeping good song structure instead of a over powering filtered electrronic simulation of nonsense that seem to be the focus now a days. Simply put , this is a gem. LENNY DEE "
Review: - "Splund Popper"
DJ MAG - Middle Men review " Splund Popper"
"Middle Men Splund Popper EP Satamile Bass Junkie gets together with Jim Kneen for a heads-down electro funk collaboration. Spitting out slivers of grimy bass and harsh, metallic rhythms, "
Review: - Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation- CD
OUTBURN-by Daniel Slaten
"DARK BROKEN BEAT ELECTRO: Judging byt the sounds on Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation, French producer Umwelt is well versed in the history of techno, electro and early hardcore. This hardware loving producer (who never uses computers or software in making his music) brings a unique voice to the world of electro breaks. Moving beyond the typical cliches of booming bass, block rockin beats, and robot vocals , Umwelt throws in the kind of dark riffs that originated during the heyday of Belgian techno. the foundation for the music is still the booming bass and thumping beats of electro but theres a heavy darkness present that adds a level of atmosphere to the tracks and inspires outright fear, "Kiss in the Dark," for example, sounds like a trance theme to an imaginary sci-fi horror film. "P.O.W." and "Biological Entity" are even more brutal, throwing out industrial strength riffs and blasts of terror bass like its the early 90's all over again. Umwelt isn't all about doom and gloom , though, and he offers up nods to Detroit with almost melancholy techno on "Secret of a Black World Part 1" and "Elysium Planum". Tracks like "ESA" and "Dont Trust Me" bring the album full circle with more main room beats, rounding out this impressive journey through the realms of broken beat electro. "
Review: - Digital Mind
M50- BPM magazine
"Boris Divider "Digital Mind" Satamile Satamile Records delivers once again, with their super consistent, old school, gritty electro sound, this time with the aid of the prolific Boris divider. This Madrid native has previously released music on the Spanish Drivecom imprint as well as Mark Brooms Pure Plastic Label, in addition to having material licensed by electro master, Anthony Rother. With little fanfare and clean, straightforward production , Digital Mind, shows off the skills that have been turning these heads. Divider grabs the dancefloor by the bassbins and takes the listener back to the mid-90's, Dutch Murdercapital-meets- German Elektrolux sound-sparse, looming vocals punctuating the multiple sub basslines and delayed, dry 808 and 909 drum code. with track names like "Robot Skin" and "Digital Mind", its clear that the cyborg future is an inspiration for Boris sinister sound, and this four tracker achieves those ambitions quite methodically. (m50)"
Review: - Layers (Light and Atmosphere)
Outburn Mag.
"Heres the hot review on Heuristic Audio's last ep on Satamile from Outburn one of our Fav mags for underground music. Heuristic Audio Layers (Light+ Atmosphere) 12 inch "The Music: This four track EP is the second release from this DJ turned producer Exploring contemporary electro sounds with dark and dreamy effects, as well as crunchy, melodic bass breaks and atmospheric synths, Layers is an excellent soundtrack to groove to and get lost in. Standout Tracks: " Poetry of Sound," "Realistic Tradition, "Nocturne". IF YOU LIKE Si Begg, Amon Tobin, Christian Vogel, Plastikman""
Review: - No One LIkes a Smartarse
Richard Brophy
"Here is the long overdue post on the DJ mag review for the A1 People ep on Satamile "No One Likes a Smartarse" "If electro seems overpopulated with smartarsses the A1 People have taken it upon themselves to reduce the balance and inject some fun back into the music. The title track is a bleepy, curiously infectious take on the Satamile Electro breaks sound, but the real entertainment, begins on the flipside. "Crash" boast daft, robot vocals and "From Detroit" does a neat approximation of old school party electro funk, with a squlechy, near cartoonish bass."
Review: - Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation- CD
Igloo Mag-Luca Maini
"08.03.06) There's a huge load of exquisite electro coming out these days. Solenoid on Orac, The Wee DJs on Touchin' Bass, the amazing little 3" CD by Lowfish in Hymen's Travel Sickness box-set and obviously this album by Umwelt on the much respected Satamile. You instantly know that Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation is a sick record, because "Don't Trust Me" opens excitingly with razor sharp beats and a menacing bass that sounds like a swarm of locusts thru your brain: the first time I put the needle on, my whole flat was resonating apocalyptically. A lovely feature of this album is the varied mood of the tracks, "Kiss In The Dark" is much slower, but epic and spacious like a Vangelis soundtrack, and similarly "Esa" changes once again towards a ghetto-tech influenced booty shaker, where a growing bassline underlines the aptly placed sample 'crank this motherfucker up!', the perfect hybrid between DJ Assault and Silicon Scally. I hould mention Carl A. Finlow with a reason, Umwelt is an ace producer at the same level; it is hard to believe the high levels of bass and crisp percussion on this release, especially in the tracks with a slower pace recalling Warp's Artificial Intelligence series, like "Secret Of A Black World Part 2 and 1" and "Mogul Project," playing the latter I nearly blew my subwoofer. Absolutely no fillers here, "Outlaw World" is more noisy, with loads of industrial distortions and a growling acid bassline, and finally "Elysium Planum" is another relaxing cinematic piece with distant wailings. The CD version features three more classic tunes, a nice addition for the digital support consumers, since I only own Decal's Release Through Velocity released by Satamile on this format and Electro Music Specialists' album is quite hard to find. Really solid record, electro music at its finest, like you could expect less from such a top notch label. "
Review: - Pragmatic Response
xlr8r Magazine
"More dark robot music from Satamile, which claims to be "the longest running electro label in New York"In case your not up on your geography, Museful Revolution reminds you how close Scandinavia is to Geramny, as these Swedes have their Kraftwerk down. To be fair, only "le Monde" truly invokes the man-machines, in title choice as well as the predominant atmospheric synths and mandatory robotic voices. The influences is subtler on "electro manifesto" and "Robot Kingdom" where EMB and acid techno are the greater touch points. ""
Review: - Promise of Technology
Raveline Mag.
"FREEZIE FREEKIE PROMISE OF TECHNOLOGY (SATAMILE RECORDS) after Freezie Freekie with its "Datasink" plate, innovatively presented. Electro-BREAK!,,,,, drone bass, combined with strangely melancholic melodies and sexy grindenden electrical BREAK. The Flip is no less packing and intense: Each track becomes alive also here freely,as the bass rolls and the Synths ride. MEMENE) Katamin "
Review: - Synchronaut LP
""With a distinctively deep , dark analog sound that harkens back to a mix of early acid, detroit techno, and classic elecktroids, . But "Pit_lounge Eur is a lovely almost nostalgic electro piece that lubricates the ear canals, being plush and synthetic at the same time, .........""
Review: - Release Through Velocity
""Deal's Alan O'boyle and Dennis NcNutty definitely have a taste for the rough robotic side of the punk electro in their new full length.""
Review: - Dark Matter
DE: BUG magazine
"Silicon Scally- Dark Matter LP (Satamile) "one as through the most various pop glitz Futuristic visons of the time with a chrome flash of groove and sounds""
Review: - Museful Revolution
"Another review of the Blotnik Brothers, this time by Traxx recongnizing the genius of the Swedish lads. "If there is a label electro to follow in this moment,well it is this one, Satamile. Based in the United States, Satamile quickly became impossible to circumvent, on the same basis of Ersatz Audio or Ghostly International. Produced by the trio Blotnik Brothers this new ep is pure concentrated Electro, dark and dancefloor. One finds these tracks "Lemonde","Electro Manifesto", "Attention Attention",and "Robot Kingdom". Far from the soft knee electro that one is use to currently. To seize quickly.""
Review: - Just Say Yes
Musiques et Cultures Digitales [MCD#31]
"One of the leading French magazines for quality reviews for electronic music, did a big feature on Satamile. Shouts out to MCD, we didnt even send them stuff. "
Review: - Post Humain ep
DJ Mag-Richard Brophy
"The tile really says it all. While NY imprint Satamile has a reputation for releasing uncompromising meterial, French producer Umwelt applies his focus even deeper into the electro abyss. 'P.O.W.', with its goulish riffs and industrial influences, recalls a time when it was dangerous to walk the streets of New York. 'Biological Entity' and 'Zeta Reticuli Incident'- a reference to Umeks electro alter ego- are powered by humming low end intensity, while the hyper breaks of 'Delinkant' suddenly spiral out of control, like and angry crowd on the verge of rioting. This is the sound of new world disorder, frightening and un predictable but strangely alluring."
2015-01-30 00:00:00.0
Hi , this is a quick notice that we are moving/moved everything over to Bandcamp until we finish our new site. Vinyl, downloads, t-shirts and more are all available there: You will also find Bot and SatRx releases. Join us on Facebook @ satamile bot , or the fan page satamile. This site is to old and outdated and a new one to come. Thanks for your support, more great things to come. Satamile
2010-02-16 00:00:00.0
Bolz Bolz LP
Hi electro peepsz. Just a quick update we got the Bolz Bolz LP up exclusive for 2 weeks for Digital download in Flac, Wav and HQ mp3 on our Addictech mini site located here. So if you didnt get the vinyl you can get the digital. Choose your flavor, Thanks for the support Satamile and Crew
2010-02-12 00:00:00.0
Bolz Bolz LP
WE'll we finally completed the Bolz Bolz lp. Grilliant Electro/techno stomper for the 4am fog machine crew. This is some of his finest work to date, varied, emotive and complex programming to boot. Limited to 500 pressings and available only on Vinyl at the moment. So buy it at Juno and make those CD wedding Dj's flip cuz they dont have it.
2009-04-11 00:00:00.0
John Blackford of Bot.001 scores a review in DJ Mag for his first release on Bot. DJmag - Electro Reviews Issue 465 John Blackford - Mutations & Diseases (Bot) A new sub-label from New York electro imprint Satamile, John Blackford brings an experimental, introverted voice to Bot. From the title track's eerie ambience to the atmospheric soundtracks of 'Deceleration' and 'Apathy' - the latter samples a black and white movie
2009-04-10 00:00:00.0
Just a quick update, all 3 Bots are in stock and can be ordered direct from us. Go to the Bot section of satamile site. Bolz Bolz LP samples up on line as well. thats it, Andrew
2008-03-27 00:00:00.0
Lowfish LP and Addictech
Come and get it , if your wanting digital satamile material for your mp3 player now is the time with the exclusive partnership of Satamile LP material offered on Addictech. Addictech is one of the USA's best spots for great quality Breaks/Electro/and Grime in digital download as HQ mp3 or FLACs . We suggest the Flac since we spend close to 900$ on mastering and in our opinion if you going to DJ go Flac, and give everyone ears a break from the mp3's. Most of these LP's are available only on Addictech. On the other front the Lowfish LP goes into the top 20 of College Rpm National Radio rotation. Its good to see Electro bots getting out to thousands of ears across the USA . Bot.001 is complete more news on that soon. Thanks for the support, Satamile in San Francisco
2008-03-27 00:00:00.0
Warpmart is carrying alot of our material nowadays and we're proud of it. If your in the UK or EU they're your best bet so please help yourself and check out the other great labels they carry as well.
2008-01-02 00:00:00.0
Satamile 2008
Hi electro peeps, first Happy New Year to every one from Satamile Records and thanks for your support and time in 2007. Will have a new sub label coming out soon, called Bot Records for my diverse down tempo limited numbers of synth weidness. Lowfish LP should be heading toward your local stores shortly so start bugging them about it. And thats that, Happy New Year and mayby the world is heading towards more peacefull normal times. Satamile/Andrew